About Biz Workx

Biz Workx Consulting provides creative solutions

to myriad challenges

in the non profit and small business world.

Janet Borg, owner of Biz Workx, offers concrete, focused and creative solutions to marketing and advertising needs, grant writing assistance, fundraising training, strategic planning, board development and developing community outreach programs.

Ms. Borg is the founder of the George S. Eccles Ice Center in North Logan, Utah where she served as Executive Director, Development Director and Operations Manager for 10 years. One of many lessons learned in this role was a one-person-shop CAN accomplish the "impossible." All it takes is tenacity, passion, time, and a LOT of willing volunteers.

Whether you are new to the non profit world or want to ramp up your organizational capacity, Biz Workx has the know-how and resources to help you bring your goals and objectives to fruition.

"Biz Workx taught us how to confidently contact the right people and ask them for support."
- CAPSA Executive Director, Jill Anderson

Need help finding foundations to fund a great program? Call Biz Workx.

"Biz Workx introduced us to new foundations that we built relationships with. Many of those foundations now fund us each year."
- Envision Escalante Founder, Steve Roberts.